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Standard Warranty

Plumb Crazy Plumbing offers a standard 30 day warranty on repairs, drain cleaning and 1 year warranty on replacement plumbing jobs.

If it’s day 31 call us we are not sticklers as a matter of fact it’s our vision that every repair should last years and replacements should last a lifetime.

NOTE: There is no warranty on commercial draining cleaning.

Extended Warranty

We believe one reason for having success is that we only use the best parts available. Since we do this we are able to extend warranties on many things where the manufacture has extended part warranty.

We offer extended labor warranties on certain types of repairs. The extended warranties should always be at top of your invoice/ estimate. They are transferable and designed to protect our customers however the warranty must be implied on the invoice.

Extended Labor Warranty Examples

  • 5 year labor warranty on slab leaks
  • 10 year labor warranty on sewer replacements
  • 5 year on water line replacements

We offer products with the following manufacturer warranties

  • Disposals up to 12 years
  • Water lines up to 25 years
  • Water lines up to 25 years