Job Opportunities


Plumb Crazy Plumbing Inc. is looking for new team members that want to improve grow and strive for their life
goals. We are looking for people that thrive in a team environment and are excited about taking on new challenges and learning the newest technologies in our trade.

Plumb Crazy Plumbing Inc. was formed in 2002 with a simple business statement. Treat everyone like family
from your co-worker to the customer. Now we are not saying join hands and sing songs but we do have a firm belief on
treating co-workers and customers exactly how you would want someone treating your own mother or close family.

So in short ethical people looking to earn a living, if this is not you please do not apply you will just be wasting everyones time!

We have two types of positions available.
ATTENTION If you are not licensed in Oklahoma you are applying to be an apprentice. All service positions require a valid DL with 3 points or less

I am a Journeyman Plumber

I am an Apprentice Plumber

Quality Matters Here

Ethics may not be the first thing people think of when it comes to plumbing, but for us, it’s one of the most important tools we carry. Now having good ethics won’t actually stop a pipe from leaking, or unclog a drain, but plumbing is about much more than that. It’s about making sure our clients fully understand the job that will be done. It’s about treating all parts of the home, not just our work area, with the respect and consideration they deserve. Most importantly, plumbing is about making our clients feel they’ve hired the right plumber the moment we set foot in their homes.

Our customers base is over half repeat or referred by other customers. We take pride in this statistic and protect it daily by making sure we earn and keep every customer that gives our company the chance to earn their business.

If you have read to here we hope you will apply. We work hard to make sure our team has the support they need to be happy and successful.