Sewer Line Repair

If you have noticed a slow or sluggish drain, sink holes in or around your sewer, or have to constantly rooter your sewer line you may require sewer repair.

Sewer lines can crack, offset and deteriorate from a variety of unavoidable environmental conditions, and most people don’t realize that a perfect sewer tied into a city sewer requires none to very little maintenance. So if you have sewer problems more than once a year there is a good chance of a resolving solution.

We offer:

  • Video Inspection
  • Locating
  • Clean Out installation
  • Drain Cleaning (up to 175ft)
  • Riser Repair
  • Branch Repair
  • Sewer Odor
  • Static Pressure Test
  • Manhole Taps

At Plumb Crazy Plumbing, we specialize in and frequently perform sewer repairs and replacements, so you can rest assured that your sewer will be serviced by experienced professionals. We offer one 1yr parts and labor and 10 year material warranty on all replaced lines.

So whether you suspect you have a problem with your sewer line or want to run a routine inspection, we have the expertise and knowledge to get the job done in a thorough, timely and cost-effective manner.

For more information or to schedule a free inspection, please contact us today.